claudenouveausantenaycharmesdessusThis wine is particularly well-structured with excellent balance.

Ample with well-developed notes of wild cherry, our Santenay Les Charmes Dessus 2009 acquires great finesse

on ageing.

Varietal : Pinot noir.

Classification : This is a local appellation in southern Côte de Beaune. The name of its climat (term used in Burgundy for the vineyard plot) --- Les Charmes Dessus, was given in 1937.

Terroir : Clay and limestone soil located at an altitude of 300 metres on east-facing hillside.

Vineyard surface area : 2.2 acres.

Age of vines : 50 years old.

Vinification : Hand-havested followed by total destemming. Cold pre-fermentation and extraction of the must by racking (délestage). Traditional alcohol fermentation from 15 to 18 days.

Ageing : In oak barrels for 12 months, then 6 months in vats before bottling. No filtering or finings.

Wine-tasting notes : Purple-mauve robe.

Nose : Wild red woodland berries (cherry).

Palate : Velvety with a supple attack. Distinguished aromas.

Serving suggestions : Poultry in sauce and feathered game.

Serving temperature : 15 to 16°c (59 to 60° F).